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54th Independence Anniversary with Ugandan Community working in Somalia

Monday, 10th October 2016
54th Independence Anniversary with Ugandan Community working in Somalia

On October 09, 2016 Uganda Embassy in Mogadishu joined Ugandans to celebrate the 54th Independence Anniversary under the Theme: Understanding Our Independence through promotion of Patriotism, Unity and Hard work.

In his remarks to Ugandan Community working in Somalia, Ambassador Nathan K. Mugisha, Deputy Head of Mission applauded the Ugandans for their resilience, courage and confidence to live and work in Somalia, including all the Embassy Staff.

While analyzing the theme of this year, Ambassador noted 3 major components (Patriotism, Unity and hard work). He advised Ugandans to emulate the theme by working hard in the spirit of Pan-Africanism to help Somalis rebuild their country institutions, save their hard earned income and to remain disciplined while portraying the image of Uganda in Somalia.

Ambassador Mugisha said that it is through unity, patriotism and hard work that the UPDF was able to liberate most of Somalia yet using. 

Meager resources.

The Reception was blessed by Hon. Lydia Wanyoto the Deputy S/RCC and Maj. Gen. Lakara, Deputy AMISOM Force Commander, Brig Sam Okiding the Contingent Commander among other high ranking AMISOM/UPDF Officials and the Ugandan Community living in Mogadishu, Somalia.